Sunday, July 13, 2008

Print Your Photos Like A Pro At Home

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Even with the lowest pixel available in your digital camera, you too can produce photos and prints at home that can look better than those made in photo labs. Digital photo printing has come to a point where everybody is given the choice to either produce the output by themselves or to get assistance from outside. So when you opt to do it yourself, avoid the two mistakes often made by first timers of digital photo printing.

Mistake # 1: Digital camera is not set to the highest image quality.


The first thing you should do is to set your digital camera to the highest picture resolution available. This can be found in the camera’s setup menu, and usually indicated as either “quality” or “size”.

In addition, when your digital camera offers you to select between TIFF and JPG when saving your photo, opt for TIFF. TIFF images appear much cleaner, crisper, and more detailed than the JPG version. However, you have to take note that TIFF files have larger sizes than JPG that your digital memory card may not be able to save many photos.

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